What is a housing counselor?
A housing counselor can provide advice on buying a home, renting an apartment, mortgage defaults and/or
foreclosure intervention, credit issues, and financial literacy.

What is HUD?
HUD is the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and HUD sponsors housing counseling agencies so
they can provide free or low cost advice on housing issues.

Is there a fee for housing counseling?
Presently there is only a fee for Pre-Purchase Counseling in the State of Delaware and there may be a charge
for Credit counseling if it requires pulling of credit report(s).

Does Neighborhood House, lnc. provide financial assistance for housing and/or food?
Neighborhood House, lnc. is a non-profit agency and often times receives financial donations which allows them to sometimes provide financial assistance for homeowners, renters and/or persons in need of utility or food assistance.

Are Neighborhood House Youth programs open to anyone?
Yes, Youth programs are open to children in and around the surrounding South Wilmington community.

How can I sign up for tutoring help?
Any student who is interested in the tutoring and/or computer training programs at the Neighborhood House, lnc are
encouraged to call 302-

When is the Neighborhood House, lnc. food closet open and who do I call?
The food closet is open every day and you must call and ask for Family Services to set up an appointment to come in
for the assistance.

What services are provided in the Middletown Neighborhood House?
The Middletown office has Family Services and housing counseling. There is also a new program whereby
Middletown residents can get assistance with job searching and other things to better their family situations.